itasveer! Online photo printing service

I have been using an online photo printing service for quite some time for sending photos back home. So, I upload photos from here and they deliver in India. 🙂 Kewl? You can upload and get the photos delivered in most of the metros.

No marketting! I am just trying to get some customers for them so that they don’t close the site due to lack of business. 🙂 Jokes apart, I thought this may also be useful for you. I know its a bit painful to go to Print Shop everytime. The quality is quite good at throw away rates. There might be some other sites but I have no idea about that. Please post if we have other options too.

Go on… use this good service.

5 thoughts on “itasveer! Online photo printing service

  1. Hi Anand,

    I am Ashish, one of the co-founders at itasveer. Thanks for your review and appreciation. If we have users like you we definitely won’t go out of business 🙂


    • Hi Ashish,
      I am very disappointed by itasveer services, I ordered two big size collage on 26th March and still waiting for the product. I already made the payment also 1,059.55 Rs. Your executives are saying due to some technical issue at our end it will be delayed and not giving any date when it will deliver. My Order# 118215-88722

      • Deepesh, if you are having trouble with their service, it might be better to reach out to them on I doubt support folks from itasveer will receive your feedback from this site.

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