I have been using notepad for years but I needed a better text editor to improve my productivity. I tried a few of the options available and decided to stick with  Notepad++. It’s an open source project, simple, fast and have a lot of features. The most important feature for me is syntax highlighting and folding which it does for many languages.

Another feature I use a lot comes after configuring it as the “View Source” editor for IE. To open source files in notepad++, change your default program to open text files in notepad++ using Folder Options.

I know there are are more advanced editors than this. I haven’t tried them all but most of them are kind of real resource hogs or complex. If you haven’t tried notepad++, give it a try.

It doesn’t mean that I am saying notepad++ is an advanced editor than Vim or Emacs. But I really can’t think of a text editor for which I have to read tutorials. Really, tutorials for using a text editor is too much.

PS: There is a basic comparison of text editors at Wikipedia. If you can spare time, try as much editors as you want from the list. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Notepad++

  1. Dost,

    Most of the “rich” features that you mention are general, run-of-the-mill features for Vim. Sure you have to read tutorials for it but wouldn’t you do so happily if your productivity increased by 100-200%?

    But to each, his own. Everyone has to find a text editor that is the right balance of features, complexity and resource-heaviness.

  2. Correct… but by the time I finish those tutorials, I’ll keep on using notepad++ :). Jokes apart, I agree Vim is a lot advanced editor but this thing is simple, straight forward, light and worked just perfect.

    I know one day I’ll be posting the same thing about Vim but with some tricks to make it simple to use.

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