Vladstudio Wallpaper Collection (Updated)

Ever wondered how can you get high quality wallpapers for your desktop with matching resolution? Out of lots of sources in today’s community driven web, one I am a fan of is Vladstudio.com. You can get wallpapers with signature for free and high quality signature free wallpapers with a paid subscription.


I paid for the life time subscription and it seems I can share the amazing art work with friends, which seems OK as per his copyright terms.

…… By visiting Vladstudio.com you are granted a personal license to download and use the files on your personal computer and to share them with your friends and family…..

I also found these direct links for all wallpapers which you can download without subscription. Click on the links (hosted on his server) for your desktop resolution. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP TO DOWNLOAD THE ZIP FILES.

You can download all-in-one zips packs for all possible resolutions. Obviously, downloads are only available to registered users.

More download links:

  1. InterfaceLIFT. Or use this tool I created if you don’t want to save more than a thousand images one by one.
  2. Hamad’s Vista Wallpaper Pack. Hamad was hired by Microsoft to shoot wallpapers for Windows Vista. He shot handful of ’em but only a couple made it to the final Vista installation disk. These are only available in 1900×1200.
  3. Mike Swanson’s Wallpaper Collection. Most of these are flowers and leaves. You can feel a little overwhelmed if you are not a nature freak like me. Only available in 1920×1200 and 1600×1200.


7 thoughts on “Vladstudio Wallpaper Collection (Updated)

  1. Thank you very much.I have been checking in on your website for awhile now, but the links used to not work; now they do!

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