Spectacular Wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT, Tool to download them all

InterfaceLIFT is one of the best source for high resolution wallpapers out there. A lot of artists post their work on this site. Thousands of wallpapers are available to browse and download but it’s annoying to click on each one of them and save manually.

I though it would be good if I can automate this or some kind of tool that can do this for me. So yesterday night, without wasting anymore time, I decided to code one up.

Its simple. Choose the resolution you want, choose the location to want to save images to and hit “Search and Download Wallpapers”. You may also want to change the sorting to Ratings or Downloads to get community rated wallpapers first.

And here is how it works: On the website, interfacelift uses javascript to prepare the links for actual images. I checked the HTML source and thought I could exploit that approach.

  • It gets the HTML markup for first page.
  • Search for javascript method calls and get the unique identifiers for wallpapers on current page and prepare a list of actual image names.
  • Loop through all images on current page.
  • Download one at a time and save to local disk.
  • Get markup for the the next page.
  • Go to step 2.
  • Keep doing this until user hits Stop or we run out of pages.

And that’s it. Its pretty simple. I ran it on Vista and XP against .Net 2.0. You can download the independent executable and/or source (C#). See update below to download.

WallpaperCrawler.exe.zip [Independent Executable]

WallpaperCrawler.source.zip [Complete Source Code, VS 2005]

I know it can be enhanced or made more robust. But hey I just coded it in couple of hours for the functionality I needed. I haven’t even tested it properly but it did what I was looking for.


PS. By no means its a tested and final app. I don’t take any responsibilities for the issues you may run into by using this.

Update: This program is now part of Juggler (another app I created for changing wallpapers). Please navigate to the description page to download the latest version.


7 thoughts on “Spectacular Wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT, Tool to download them all

  1. Wonderful program.It’s a pity though that now Interfacelift has probably changed its code a bit, WallpaperCrawler won’t download any wallpapers but the ones on the 1st page. After that, it will just loop the same images and say that you’ve already downloaded them.Unfortunately, I have no coding skills, so I cannot modify the source code you have given to download.I was hoping you could take a look in this little bug and help me out.I’ve lost my whole Wallpapers collection of the last 2 years, and need some help getting it back…Thanks!

  2. hey excellent work…
    but it would be great if u make a software which can download any type of picture from any site…..

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