Converge updated to use new aggregator service


TLDR: Get latest app update from store to continue using Converge starting next month.

Converge was built using, which was great until Facebook bought and decided to shut it down. 😱 Since the announcement last year, I have looked at alternative “back-end as a service” offerings to replace but couldn’t find anything as good and free. After all, Converge is a free app without any ads so didn’t make any sense to spend $$$ every month.

I finally decided to build my own back-end service to also change the news aggregation infrastructure which can scale to many more news publishers without ongoing additional work, and be almost real time. The initial version was finally complete last week including the app changes required to use the new service. All these changes are now live. Yay!

To continue using Converge once shuts down at the end of this month, you will need to download the latest version from store.

Now that the app and aggregation service are live, I am hoping to add more publishers and bring Converge to other platforms very soon, starting with Android. Eventually, Converge will need to make money to pay for server costs but that can be figured out later. 😊


image credit: wpcentral


4 thoughts on “Converge updated to use new aggregator service

  1. Thanks a lot. My favourite wp app ever. I was afraid you would never update it because of all platform “problems” and not the best future odds. Thanks again for sticking with the windows phone/mobile world. Great app!

  2. Had moved to android almost a year and half back.. And i missed this app very much. There are a lot of news aggregators with good interface in this still i couldn’t get the kind of contents i used to get in converge. Too much of customizations and machine learning didn’t help. Not sure how much this change in the backend would affect the contents. Still looking forward for it.

  3. Hi, i know Windows 10 mobile its not supported anymore but till about a week ago the Converge app worked perfectly fine. Since then it does not update anymore.
    Reinstall did not help.
    It’d the backed decommissioned?

    Thanks for a great app, sorry to see it go.

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