Wallpaper Juggler: Downloads are not available from InterfaceLIFT

After Wallpaper juggler was described as cool at lifehacker, there has been a lot of download activity on the project page at codeplex. It seems after getting the app, everyone started downloading high res wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT which created tremendous load on their site. This apparently made folks at InterfaceLIFT mad and they block access to the site after downloading 10 or so wallpapers from the tool. You get following response once you are blocked.

Your access to InterfaceLIFT has temporarily been suspended due to misuse of our servers. Please review our Terms of Service for more information. Access will be restored in a couple days. To ensure that you access is not suspended again in the future, please disable any download accelerator plugins or software you may be running.

If you believe you have not violated the Terms of Service, please contact jeff [at} interfacelift {dot] com
Error code: xx.xxx.xx.xx

Ironically, even the “Terms of Service” page doesn’t come up once you are blocked. 🙂

Personally, I agree with this. There are costs associated to hosting a site like InterfaceLIFT and ads are one good way to support that which doesn’t happen when Juggler pulls those pretty images from the site. But hey, we still have another source right in juggler and we will find more. Only until other sources don’t treat us the same way.