Merritt Parkway

A short drive on Merritt Parkway.

Merritt Parkway is a scenic drive enlisted in “America’s Most Scenic Drives” published by Life Books (Time Inc.). This book has pretty good details of 40 most beautiful highways and byways.

If you are in tri-state area (NY-NJ-CT) some time, you have to include this drive in your itinerary.

As per the book mentioned earlier: “Those in hurry choose to boom along I-95 highway and others take Route 84. But the poets always opt for the Merritt Parkway. … … Built in the 1930s and 37.5 miles long, the Merritt – one of the few American roads listed on the National Register of Historic Places – is a classic, and ever will be.”

Here is the information you can use:

Wikipedia: Merritt Parkway
America’s Byways: Merritt Parkway Overview & Maps & Directions


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