Khan Academy on Windows 8: Now Open Source

Khan Academy app launched with Windows 8 last October. A few of us worked together to get the first version developed just in time for Windows 8 launch. Since then, there have been a few minor updates and a big overhaul which was published in store last month. This week is another great milestone: the app is now open source and ready for anyone to contribute.


How We Got Here

I developed the initial version with a lot of help from folks over at Khan Academy and an internal Microsoft team. It was really a port of Learning Circle phone app to Windows 8 so naturally, this was developed using C# and XAML.

Later last year, a few more folks from Microsfot and BGC3 stepped up to help and we got some funding. That helped to get Pixel Lab team involved with development and after working on it for a few months,  the next version of the app was published in store last month. This new version was developed in HTML5/JavaScript and this is what we open sourced this week.

Get Involved

If you have experience in developing Windows 8 apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, come join us in making a great Khan Academy app for Windows 8. In addition to HTML5 and JavaScript, having good understanding of WinJS, WinRT, TypeScript and web in general would be great. If you don’t have development experience, you can still help with testing.

Let’s Go!


3 thoughts on “Khan Academy on Windows 8: Now Open Source

  1. Hey, Are you planning on open sourcing the windows phone app?
    I’d like to be able to add my own learning sources to the app. There are tons of podcasts out there that have great learning material, and the framework provided by learning circle makes adding custom sources (like a podcast) seem like a natural next step. What do you think?

    • @shiv, there is no plan for making the phone app open source at this point and I can’t say for sure if this would change. If you are looking for a podcast client, there are a bunch of those in phone store. What sources are you thinking of including in learning circle?

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